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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Behind the scenes details

I haven't written much because I've been going back and forth on ideas a lot and was too lazy to write them all down here.

So much thought has gone into the little details that I never consider when I start these projects. Simple things like attaching the body to the pelvis and creating a method to freely sit so it doesn't roll over. And a biggie was a method of making the legs so they come off for transport. Also the hips/legs can't stick out too far or it will look out of proportion. I spent a lot of time creating a method to keep the legs as close to the center of the robot as possible so the arms are further out than the legs.

It's all these little behind the scene details that can take so much time and be a challenge. But as I'm not in a hurry, when the creativity dries up, I wait a day or so and something usually pops into my head. Now that I got a lot of the details finished, maybe I can make some heads. Then they will start looking like robots and not just wood and pvc.

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