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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Old tools new tools

On the new tool front, on an impulse purchase walking through Lowes, some electric snips / scissors were acquired. Cutting large sheets of styrene with conventional scissors is a pain so I thought I'd give these a try. At $16.00 I had nothing to lose. And I'm glad I got them. They very work well trimming and cutting styrene. The angles are still a bit tricky.

On the old tool front, I pulled out a hand saw to cut a piece of wood this morning as I didn't want to make noise early in the morning and wake everyone. It got me thinking. Does anyone ever use hand saws any more? Are they antiques now? I haven't used a hand saw in many years now that I think of it. Why should I when I have all these efficient power saws at my disposal.

Progress is moving forward on the bus stop robots. Heads were cut out yesterday and just need to be assembled with a method of efficiently attaching them to the body / motors. That will be another major challenge.

Skins are being glued onto the robots. I only have so many clamps so I can only work on one robot at a time. Glue and skins will take time.

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Eaglekeeper said...

I see things are moving along. The Electric scissors I'd like to see! I plan on starting my project about the same time you are done !
Spent the weekend with Alphadromer Ricardo in NYC. Setting up his collection to show on the drome for his birthday. You would like him a lot Jim. Check out the Post