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Saturday, September 1, 2007


Spent the last week applying styrene skin to the robots using construction adhesive and in some instances premium wood glue. The wood glue doesn't work well when doing styrene to styrene I found but styrene to wood it works pretty good. The construction adhesive also has drawbacks but it fills in areas (curves) nicely and is pretty strong. The problem with construction adhesive is it's kind of messy. I've slopped it on the skins in a few places but I'm pretty sure it can be sanded.

So this morning I got up and applied more adhesive to a few spots that needed it on the torsos and while I'm patiently waiting for that to dry we're taking a ride over to EPCOT to spend the day and get away. I may let the final construction adhesive application to dry for 48 hours before trimming the styrene even as tempting as it may be to start tomorrow. That's where the patience comes in.

Oh and if you do a lot of gluing with construction adhesive I would highly recommend buying a box of those latex (or the blue ones which I prefer over latex) gloves. Getting that construction adhesive on your body or clothes is not good. I ruined one of my favorite shirts yesterday when a glob of hit embeddded in the stomach area.

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