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Thursday, April 26, 2007

My romantic wife

While my wife was walking with a her coworkers downtown St. Pete today, they passed a construction site. Laying on the ground she spied a piece of cool looking scrap metallic sheet about 12 x 18". Being the romantic gal she is, she scooped it up and told the other ladies that "Jim probably will like this". I think she's getting geeky as me. The other ladies humored her as they continued their walk Yvonne lugged back that chunk of sheet sheathing.

Sure enough I NEEDED IT. My next step with Bender was to line his inside cavity with a metallic material to look like a refrigerator to store his beer. THIS WAS PERFECT ! Last night I was experimenting with an old piece of metallic foil and considering using some mirror acrylic material. But nothing came close to the metal she dragged home tonight. And it mounted inside Bender beautifully. Romantic occasions like this require nothing less than pizza and beer so we celebrated.

After adding the liner, Bender got some wires inside him and a few other finishing touches. The head was adjusted and door latch installed. Once the cigar was back in his mouth and the beer inside him, it looked like he was ready to go. His feet were kind of dirty and scuffed up so I was going to refinish them but ... feet are supposed to be a little scuffed. Looks more realistic.

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