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Friday, April 20, 2007

Flooded with robot brain storms

I keep coming up with ideas of robots I want to build. I will probably build them but who knows when. Some of the ideas are pretty strange I must admit but they will be fun projects. I'll never be a Clayton Baily but that's the direction I have my ship pointed. Clayton Bailey makes very cool and sometimes very bizarre robot creations. He published a superb book with pictures of his creations. The creations are not for everyone. Some of the sculptures have anatomically correct (kind of) parts that make some people uncomfortable. I think they're "the tops" though (from Seinfeld).

The Bender head now has a new mouth and a fresh coat of paint. He looks GREAT. The collar area has been built up with Bondo and hopefully after getting another coat of paint there, it will look more concentric. The inside of his belly area has also been cut more and sanded with some kilz primer painted on. Since it's a lot of MDF and 2x2's, I know that using my expensive rustoleum hammered paint will just soak in. The primer will make it easier to coat the inside. After the inside is painted, I'll add some wires and electronics and fill him up with Bender's own favorite "Old Fortran" beer. Even though I don't like people to open his belly door because it's fragile, I realize he needs his beer.

On the R2 front, I haven't done much more than research. After Bender and C3PO are ready for the science museum, R2 will return to the main project. I ordered an aluminum center foot and mounting equipment for the caster. I also got on a waiting list to get an aluminum leg. Why not. Literally spending an arm and a leg on this robot. I really want the drive train on my R2 to be exactly like Daniel's which in my opinion is the absolute best.

B9 fried his ear radars the other day. So that's something else I'm going to have to add to my list of robot chores.

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