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Saturday, April 28, 2007

C3PO Refurb

The next project is to make a few changes to C3PO. First of all his mannequin needs modifying so his right arm is outstretched to look like he's hailing someone. Currently his arms hang to his sides. That pose is just barely adequate.

Also the restraining bolt I got from Daniel ( will be installed. The restraining bolt is magnetic and will be controlling a switch to turn his eyes off and on. There's a very powerful magnetic on the restraining bolt.

And finally I'm construct a better method to hang the wires from his belly/waist. It's pretty hokey how I have the wires snaked in there now and they're constantly falling into the pelvis area. One day I had my arm in C3PO's pelvis trying to fish out some of the wires that fell when my son walked in. He looked at me slowly shaking his head. "Dad if you only knew how weird that looks".

So now C3PO is out in the workshop area being fixed up. He's going to the science center with Bender in June so he needs to look good

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