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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Motor mounts - Chapter 2

Yesterday Brad and Doug stopped over with some of their robot parts and we hung out and discussed our projects.

About 30 seconds after showing Doug my ingenius plot to make motor mounts for my R2's feet, he looked at me and said it was a good plan if I didn't mind having my motors drag along the ground while moving the R2. I was amazed that I didn't see this glaring flaw in my devious plan. I was too busy looking at how to securely mount the motor to consider all the angles. Indeed, the motor would be off the ground but only by a hair. The wires would have been ground off quickly.

So the three of us put our heads together and came up with several good alternative plans. It's going to be a good deal of work but it will be functional. We also looked at the A&A frame and everyone agrees that even after beefing it up, this particular A&A Frame in it's sad busted up state is not the right frame for the kind of R2 I want to build. I will buy an aluminum frame when one comes available. Until then I'll finish and work on the other parts I have.

The day went quickly and as usual I learned a lot from these guys experience. Doug was a machinist at one time.

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