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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Motor mounts

Tonight I decided to cut my fiberglass feet and fit the motors and wheels into the allotted area. The battery box will be fabricated by me and made to fit over the part of the motor sticking out. This is another of those projects that I keep thinking about and wondering how I'll get it to work. So what better way to dispel those fears .... power tools.

I feel like I'm just plain lucky building lately. Some aluminum brackets I had cut at an aluminum shop for motor mounts fit perfect. And I thought I had them cut wrong after I bought them. The cuts I made to the feet were also very well done and I didn't do much measuring. Some but not a heck of a lot.

I also played around with the skin snaps Daryl Mueller makes as well as the skin mounting blocks that Daniel D. makes. Daryl's are very nice but I don't think they'll go on the upper part of the skins above the shoulder of my A&A Frame. I sure wish I had an aluminum frame. This thing seems so fragile.

I've been real tired when I get to the part of the night when I type this blog. So sorry if it's a little cut and dry lately.

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