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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Giving Bender some Lip

The last month or so I've been thinking about how I could make the mouth I cut out on Bender look smoother and correct. It had a jagged look about it and I contemplated sanding it smooth but that solution would still be lacking. I kept thinking about different options and today while thinking hard it came to me. A piece of tubing around the mouth to make a lip. The first piece of tube I found in my workshop was a piece of plastic tubing. Very rigid and not flexible enough to fit around the oval mouth. Then I noticed a piece of what looked like vacuum hose. I cut a chunk of that and slit it down the middle and pushed it in around the mouth.

But black hose on Bender didn't look right so I glued the hose on using a little hot glue and then shot a little big of silver paint on it to give me a better idea how this will make him look. I also filled in a few areas with some spot putty.

This is a much better look. The mouth has much better detail now. Later this week I'll sand the spot putty and then apply a final coat of hammered silver.

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