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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Still here

I was going to write last weekend several times but kept getting distracted. I got a lot done but not much in the robot/droid building department. Messed up C3PO's base (need to build a new one again) and dismantled C3PO completely. And then there was the tale of the snake in my workshop that refused to leave (so I let him stay). But other than that not too eventful.

This weekend I hope to get some work done on my new Dome. It's the new Daren 300mm dome and it looks sweet. Daren made a video how to deburr the aluminum and I wish I would have seen that before filing my skins. ARRRGGGG. Instead of a file (files are not good) Daren says to scrape the sides with a chisle (gently) and the slag will roll right off. A file gouges and will never be smooth. So now I know. I guess better late than never. Yesterday I found some aluminum primer (self etching primer) at Sherwin Williams. Actually it's for other metals too but aluminum is listed as one it works for.

One other thing on my todo list is to make more shelves in the garage. I'm completely out of room and it's driving me crazy. No room to put things down. Too much junk !!!

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