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Monday, March 12, 2007

Saturdays building events

A couple guys came over with their robots and robot parts and we tinkered and learned. Doug P. with his R2 and Scott brought his B9 head and 3' martian death machine. Doug answered a few of my R2 questions and so I'm slowly but surely figuring out the R2 build process. Hopefully I will soon get going on that project. I now have most of the primary electronics and most of the parts to make a mobile RC R2.

The Bender CNC table motor project is just about in the dumpster. After redoing it about a dozen times, I'm beginning to think Bender will remain a stationary robot. But it was fun trying. At least it got me motivated to fix the mouth and a few other parts of him.

This next Saturday a lot of builders are getting together and it should be a great time. There is going to be a lot of people there and most people are bringing their R2's or R2 projects.

I was hoping to have my A&A frame fixed (it's in rough shape with cracks and missing pieces) by Saturday but my @#%#% Ryobi jig saw junk is out of commission. So today I got a good quality DeWalt jig saw and hopefully tonight I'll have time to fabricate a few parts to at least get my frame up to snuff. I prefer building parts out of wood and decided R2's motor mounts will be made from wood. Aluminum is fine if you have the correct tools but wood works for me.

On the MegaCon front, I got some great footage from Trent so now I begin to edit the footage and stills into a video. Probably won't be ready in time for the Saturday event but no biggie.

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