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Monday, March 5, 2007

Old man Bender

Guilt from my younger son prompted me to pull out the old knife and scribe out the mouth from Bender. Paul has been egging me on to fix Bender's mouth and remove the paper smile. And I knew he was right.

Cutting the mouth was a little tricky because I wasn't sure what was behind the styrene. As it turns out there was very little behind the mouth area. Some MDF on the top and the rest was just styrene that wrapped around the head frame.

I bought a few nifty dremmel attachments that allowed me to trim the MDF down about a half inch. I also had to pick up another orbital sander because the second identical piece of crap Craftsman sander I had disintegrated the same way the first one did. They were closed out for a reason I believe. Unfortunately I have about 80.00 worth of sandpaper discs (5" 8 hole sticky if anyone needs them) sitting on the shelf.

So now I need to consider the mouth backing to allow the magnetic cigar to work. Also I'm thinking about trying to slide a speaker into that area before I close it up.

Doesn't Bender look old with his mouth removed ... very funny.

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