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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ready to glue skins

Cutting and trimming/filing the skins was actually pretty easy now that I'm done. Tonight I did the back inner and outer skins. Now they're ready to glue together. I bought 15 mini clamps at Home Depot (37 cents each) so with those and my other mini clamps and clothes pins the skins should be together by the weekend. I just need to consider what type of glue to use.

After that, they're getting mounted to the frame and painted. I love it when a plan comes together.

Today I also stopped by the aluminum shop and picked up a couple pieces of 1/8" aluminum plates to make some motor mounts out of. Not sure they will work but I'll see what I can fashion. That's going to be difficult with the size of the motors and wheel. The feet will have to be cut and enlarged for them to fit. The advice I received was to have the wheel as far out (on the sides) as possible and as far to the rear that I can get.

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