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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Adding to the list of todo's

Despite having a million things to do to get the robots ready for MegaCon, I keep finding excuses to add to the todo list. Originally I was going to add microcontrollers to Robby in a few months. But today adding a microcontroller and motorizing the radar/ears spinners was added on the immediate todo list. By adding a microcontroller the "ears" will randomly turn and in different directions as well as variable speeds .... all programmable. The hardest part will be providing a fairly constant 7.2 volts to the microcontroller.

The rewiring and soldering of the neon and audio connections was completed today. Now it just needs to be installed neatly in Robby's head. Axles were also installed in the radar/ears using epoxy. The axles will be fitted to miniature motors and the motors will be mounted inside the ear housing.

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