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Saturday, January 13, 2007

B9 closure

The B9 appears to most people as finished. However there were several nagging little projects that were put off over and over. This weekend between working on the Robby electronics, I finally installed my B9's programming bay permanently and hooked up the switches and light on the programming bay. After a few failed attempts (several months ago) with epoxy putty, Hot glue worked excellent to mount the programming bay.

I'm also (FINALLY) in the process of mounting my B9's side vents. The vents were made but never installed. The important thing I must remember when installing these vents is to easily allow access to the inside. So I'm hot glueing some brackets inside the torso so I can hang the vents from with small pull ties. That will allow access by pushing open the vents when you need to reach inside the robot. Hot glue seems to be the weapon of choice nowadays. It dries quickly and is very strong. Plus you can (if you work at it) remove the glue if you have a change of heart.

On the Robby front, I built and installed a panel in front of the neon to protect the neon and mount the speakers to. This panel also has a computer controller for the electronics.

I initially tested the Robby ears and had to re-mount a motor axle inside one of the ears. On one ear I used epoxy dough and on the other I used gorilla glue. It's good to experiment with different techniques. It's a toss up which one was best. The difficult part was lining the axle inside the ears so it's straight. Getting it completely straight completely eluded me so my ears will have a little wobble in them as they spin. I've been working on the "C" controller program and am in the process of writing a program to randomoly move the ears in different directions and different speeds at random times.

Fun stuff. I'm working at a much faster pace than I usually prefer but time is running out to get these robots done by MegaCon. And I don't want to wait until the last minute.

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