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Friday, October 27, 2006

Retro robots

Now that I'm back from vacation in the Georgia Mountains, it's time to unveil my fiendish plot and the next robot to be built in my laboratory.

Very few people remember this robot. He has been in several different movies and TV and his roots are from the 1930's and 40's. Although his name is Gort, it's NOT the Gort from "The Day the earth stood still". This Gort is from the Republic series. Republic was the name of a movie company that made the old serials that usually ended in a cliffhanger ... to be continued next week. GORT was the robot of the evil Dr. Satan in the Dr. Satan series. Gort would rob banks and do the bidding of Dr. Satan whenever Dr. Satan pressed the hidden robot button on his desk.

However, the inspiration to build this robot came from one of our favorite shows - Star Trek Voyager. You see, Voyager had several episodes where the holodeck had a program called Captain Proton and the Bride of Chaotica and it was based on the 1930's serials. Dr. Chaotica was the evil villian who controlled the robots and was bent on taking over the world. In the Republic Series it was Dr. Satan who was going to rule the world with his robots. The robots in both series were almost identical. I'm leaning toward making the Star Trek Voyager version of this robot.

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