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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gort begins

This weekend Gort was officially started !!! This project will be a little slower and I'll be taking my time on it.

Fortunately another person is building a Gort and he shared with me the research he's done on the robot. Gary is producing a very cool retro 1930's rocketeer type movie and plans to use his robot in the movie. His website is
Thirty Second Doom. The trailers and cinematography he's done on his movie is absolutely amazing.

Another builder who built a Gort is John Riggs from the robot hut. I have to say John is one of the great robot builders and he also gave me a few tips. Check out his site at

This weekend was spent experimenting with different dimensions for the torso and considering different ways to fabricate a torso. Gary used a cardboard concrete form tube which is very solid. I probably will go that route but am still kicking around making my torso from scratch using wood and styrene. It has to be light to be wearable.

While considering the options, I decided to do something I've been wanting to do for awhile. That is to make an attachment for my router to cut circles. The band saw circle cutter I made last year is not practical in so many ways. The router cutter is more precise and will be a nice addition to my tools. After 3 different designs and attempts, I came up with an excellent circle cutter that is mounted to the router table. Very stable, accurate and cheap.

Later this week I'll try to track down some cardboard tube distributors. Thinking back on the bender project, making a torso out of wood and styrene wasn't that easy. Cardboard tube will more practical.

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