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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Land Shark

While taking my wife out to lunch one day, we stopped by a resale/antique store and found this incredible fiberglass great white shark head. It was like seeing a kitten in the window of a pet store begging you to take it home. That shark just had to come home with us. Originally we thought it might look good in our sons bait shop but that wasn't in the cards so the shark took up residence in the workshop.

The large dorsel fin and smaller tail fin was created using Sintra and a jig saw. The dorsel fin still needs a covering on the base to create the area where the fin connects to the back of the shark.

OK, I know this idea may seem a bit "odd" to some but here's my vision (the vision of a madman).

Picture a typical beach scene with the shark head embedded partially in the sand with his head tilted a bit more down than his default pose. More like he's swimming and the head is just coming out of the water. Behind the shark, also in the sand is the dorsel fin and behind that part of the tail fin.

Now add a pretty girl in a bathing suit laying on a lounge chair. She's reading a book looking very relaxed. In the background only a foot or so away the jaws of the shark are almost upon her. His mouth open and ready to strike.

I'd like to take pictures of that scene and come up with a good title. Gives a new meaning to the definition of Sand Shark ... or even Land Shark !

Another idea is to embed the shark in the front lawn. Instead of a "Beware of Dog" sign, you would see "Beware of Shark". However, even I think that's a little out there and I don't want to freak the neighbors out too much. Might do that just long enough to get some pictures.

We'll be away from all computers for about a week. After that I will begin my next "from scratch" robot. One that only a few people have made.

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