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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SMASH !!!!

Imagine my surprise when I got home from work today and found the head of my B9 hanging by a wire against the torso. Somehow it was bumped off the torso. Fortunately it had the "stunt bubble" on it because it was in the garage (just in case). I've been planning on redoing the electronics in that part of the B9 completely anyway so I can deal with fixing it.

Nothing terribly broken but I'm glad he wasn't wearing his formal bubble. So I decided to bring B9#1 back in the house and bring B9#2 out to the garage. I'm thinking about using all the premium pieces from B9#2 for my primary B9 so I have a heavy duty B9 ready for the sci-fi robot convention. The steel treadsection and fiberglass legs and knees are very strong and won't get accidentally damaged in transport or at the convention. It probably wouldn't take too much effort either.

C3PO plating has gone slightly stale. The plating company is having troubles with his torso and I'm guessing they wish they never took the job. I was expecting him to be shipped over 2 weeks ago but as of yet, I'm not sure when that will happen. With the R2 club picnic looming in a few weeks I was hoping to bring a shiny protocol droid to the picnic along with the Jawa. It's going to be cutting it close.

I've been redoing the jawa and giving him a complete face lift and head redo. New eyes and resoldering all the electrical connections with a fuse and quick disconnect for the head. Also I ran some heavy duty wire along the hood to keep his face shrounded in shadows better.

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