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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Captain Jeff and the bait shop

I have to admit, it was a nice change of pace not posting to the blog.

The "scifi robot invasion" is now a definate go. I spoke with the promoter of fx show 2007 and he's still very enthusiastic about hosting the event regardless of how many robots show up. The early interest is a tad weak but I'm getting feedback that interest is building. We'll see.

My son now has a Captains license and is doing saltwater fishing charters. They also have a baitshop so I made him a large "neon" sign made with this new technology called cool neon wire aka el wire. This stuff is great. It looks almost exactly like neon but is more flexible and the voltage requirements are not like regular neon. No fragile glass tubes. The only downside is it's not very bright during the daylight. But in dim night it looks exactly like neon without the humming.

The sign is approximately 4' by 2'. I plan on using the wire in some my robot projects.

Image of BAIT neon sign

Also, still no C3PO completion. They said it would be shipped by last Friday but still no word. The chest had to be resanded and re metallized due to cracking. Hopefully it will ship next week. They seem like a pretty reputable company.

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