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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jawa needs a facelift

I'm still in home improvement projects mode so not as much robot building going on.

Last couple of days I was giving some attention to the Jawa. His hood needed work to keep it in the correct shape to semi hide his head. I also worked on the face and eyes. Jawas don't have pupils and the eyeballs I used before had pupils. Today his torso will be rounded out some and the lower hips will get some work. He needs to look good when he meets the R2's at the picnic next week.

I heard C3PO shipped out Friday late afternoon (Thank-you Helen at MC). He should be home in several days and I'm anxious to see how well the plating came out. This gives me one or two days to get him ready for the picnic/meet with the R2 club next Saturday.

I also worked on the resin wheels I made for my B9. If I can get these resin wheels working then I'll sell the aluminum set to finance more robot madness. Speaking of which .. I got a cool remote controlled miniature Dalek last week and recently joined the Dalek builders club. That would be a fairly easy project I imagine. But not until I finish these other projects.

Chatter on the B9 forum about blinking LED's prompted me to find and order some white and red blinking LED's. I'll use them to build a new brain and set of finger lights. Too many wires in the brain now. Which reminds me ... yesterday I painted (hammered silver) a set of the new Scott S. motorized ears which will go into my new radar / brains. I also need to paint this cool radar unit. The mechanisms are ready for bubble up/down and radar left/right motions. I'll try to incorporate the vex system to do all that.

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