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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Vaporizor / Brainwashing gun

My 7 year old nephew came over yesterday to help me with all these robot projects. He pointed out "C3PO is supposed to have wires on his stomach uncle Jim". So I gave him a box of scrap wire and told him to wire him up ! He had fun picking out various guage and colored wire and then cutting it to size, jamming it into the stomach section between the chest and pelvis. He was ok with the fact that I would have to remove the wire later on when I took him apart again.

After that, we went into my box o junk and proceeded to build a "vaporizer / brainwashing gun" using that resin glue gun base I made the other day. It was a good way to suit him up in safety glasses and learn how to use some power tools. We used my chop saw (he just watched that) and then used the table belt sander. Under supervision, he learned how to use the belt sander without losing any fingers or apendages.

We glued the two halves of the (resing) vaporizor gun together and glued several empty plastic wire spools together (for the barrel) as well as a couple of other gizmos that only a first rate space gun would have. We'll get together again when we get back from vacation to start attaching the dohickeys to our galactic weapon.

It's good to have an assistant robot builder around. I'm going to start calling him EGOR.

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