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Sunday, July 9, 2006

C3PO Neck pistons and work boots to slippers

It looks like the final stages are complete and he's ready to ship off for plating. I mounted the brass neck bolts (er whatever they're called) using some epoxy and plastic putty. After drilling the holes in the torso a coat of epoxy was applied to the inside of the torso and on the outside to keep them in tight. Then for extra measure, some plastic putty was applied over the epoxy (after it dried) on the inside of the torso. They lined up not quite perfect but it's not too bad.

The resin shoes I made included an extra 1" on the bottom of the soles making C3PO look like he had on clodhopper work boots. To cut the extra 1" of the soles off (in resin) has been on my mind the last couple of days. Today I decided to use my chop saw to cut the soles off. The laser guide really paid for itself and the job although a bit intimidating, shaved the bottom of the shoes off pretty clean. I had to make a pass on both sides of the shoes and it's important to have the 2 cuts line up. Now the shoes look correct ... almost like gold slippers.

I also experimented a lot with posing his arms. It's much harder than it seems to get a natural pose that will be secure. Plus another important fact to consider is it's easy to scratch the arms inside the shoulder bells if you're not careful. I scratched mine quite a bit. It's good to experiment now before the finish is on. The dilemma was how should I pose the arms. I was going to get him to wave one hand but that pose would get old after awhile. If I wanted to rig sound into him and have him converse with people then the hand in the air wouldn't look right after one minute. And I won't automate that with servos for quite some time. So the arms will probably just hang naturally at his side for the time being.

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