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Saturday, July 8, 2006

C3PO Stomach problems

As much time as I spent on the stomach section, I decided to abandon my idea of using the rubber runner and reverted to using the fiberglass piece that came with the pelvis. There just wasn't enough room to fit everything correctly without bunching up and too tight a fit.

The fiberglass piece now fits well after readjusting the internal skeleton.

I originally thought that the pelvis piece of the TK409 kit was wearable. Now I notice that it's listed as display only. If I had known that then I wouldn't have cut the fiberglass stomach section off of it. My wife put it on after I cut the stomach off and told me that there is no way a guy could fit into the pelvis. She's pretty small and it was a tight fit. They now offer a rubber pants piece that's used in the pelvis area when wearing this as a costume. But I can't justify spending another $300.00 more at this stage unless I want to start sleeping in the garage on a permanent basis.

Today I'm experimenting with posing the arms using different techniques. Positioning the shoulder bells correctly has been a goal before coming up with a way to mount them. It's good I'm doing it now because I notice the arms are getting some small scratches that I need to take care of. Better now than after I get him plated.

Looking at all the reference photos that Chris posted on the C3PO builders forum has been a tremendous help. Thanks Chris !

Today I keep wondering if I should give him a quick coat of gold paint. I have the paint .... and I don't think it matters when sending him off for plating. Hmmmmmmm

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