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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Foam B9 knees and working on C3PO's Abs

NOTE: The carpet runner over the fiberglass stomach DOES NOT WORK - a few days later I abandoned the idea after realizing the clearances were too tight to fit it.

I purchased a 4' piece of carpet runner at Home Depot today and wrapped 12" (h) of it around the stomach structure that was built this weekend. While at Home Depot, I noticed that there's a new type of hammered paint that's made for plastic. I love hammered paint - gives a real nice texture.

As soon as I attached the carpet runner to the structure, I sprayed a coat of hammered paint and it looks nice. The stomach rubber will extend about 3-4 inches on top and on the bottom of the fiberglass inner piece. Using just the fiberglass piece that came with the torso doesn't have enough flexibility and length. Next step is to mount the wires directly to this piece. I'm hoping that this will form fit nicely to the upper torso and the pelvis area.

So I had a few more spare minutes and decided to take the plunge and experiment with this new product from smooth-on called foam-it. It's a casting resin that makes a pretty hard foam piece. The foam liquid expands 2.5 times it's original density. I guessed that I would have more than enough foam (3 lbs) to make one B9 knee but ran a little short. That means I'll have just 1/2 knee after demolding. Enough to tell how this will work out and determine feasability of a hard foam knee for a B9 robot.

Also spent some time giving C3PO a shoeshine with lots of sandpaper !

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