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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Internal Skeleton

Today's goal is to put together some sort of internal skeleton to make the pieces fit together as opposed to the pvc skeleton which just supports the suit. I epoxied several bolts into the stomach piece which will attach to the skeleton. This skeleton will be removeable in the event that this reverts to being a costume.

Yesterday, the leg bolts were installed using several pieces of scrap sintra which were bent to conform to the angle needed. Construction adhesive was gobbed on the sintra and onto the leg bolts. The advantage of the construction adhesive is it fills in gaps with it's bulk and it's pretty strong.

Today the construction adhesive was dry so I mixed up a batch of epoxy and gobbed it all around the sintra and the inside of the leg bolt. This will strengthen the entire assembly and reinforce the sintra. Especially if the heat from the vm process softens the sintra. The epoxy will not only strengthen but will hold the correct shape and prevent warping.

The feet have been a major work in process but they will be nice when I'm done with them. Very heavy duty and good statue base. I ordered another set of vacuform feet for when he's used as a costume.

The final task on my list today is to attach the shoulder bells and circle gaskets by drilling holes in the suit and pieces. They will probably be attached in a very simple but effective manner .... using locking twist ties.

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