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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Third time is a charm

The bolts epoxied into the knee decoration just weren't holding. The liquid nails didn't hold and the bolt pulled out easily. Even after putting an additional layer of plastic epoxy.

The second attempt I removed the bolts and I drilled out the hole the bolt sits in to be a little deeper. This time I tried a strong 2 part epoxy. Same problem.

The third attempt I dug out the hole even more and then sanded and roughed up the head of the bolt (it was painted and smooth). Then I mixed a larger batch of epoxy to make sure it was the correct proportions. On top of the epoxy I dropped a small washer and now it's sold as a rock. I also brought it in the house the third time because the Florida humidity was very high today as a tropical wave is coming in from the Caribbean.

C3PO's arms were taken off today and all the additional decorative pieces were added. I wasn't sure what adhesive to use so I thought I'd try construction adhesive. I love that stuff. Works great everytime and it's pretty thick so it forms over contures nicely. Before I started glueing, I had several pictures I printed out to make sure everything was correct. Sure enough I had one of the arms turned around. The arms are now complete. Also the nipples got a shot of primer (Gee, that sounds pretty strange).

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