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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Trimming the waistline

If there's one thing that makes me nervous it's cutting critical parts. Maybe that's why I kept putting off cutting the stomach from the waist section. Especially since I planned on using my lethal but practical rotozip. The rotozip can quickly make a mess of things if you're not careful. I know this from experience. Fortunately I was able to make the cut without any undo excitement. The lines weren't very straight so a few minutes with some sandpaper smoothed things all out.

I completely dismantled C3PO down to the legs. I fixed a minor problem area on my arms that I didn't notice yesterday and nobody should suspect a thing :) It looks like the construction adhesive was a winner and worked well.

After sanding and smoothing the edges of the belly area, I used some dark charcoal color dye on the fiberglass. The dye works well on the fiberglass and is much better than paint in my opinion. No runs.

The knee gap I mentioned earlier was also worked on today. I used some black material in the gap with some foam inside to give it form. Then on the outside I ran some wires. Looks great.

The knee decoration with bolt that was created yesterday got installed and it worked like a charm. The project is really rolling now. Another issue that has been on my mind is how to support the statue internally so it's solid and not just hanging on a pvc frame. Especially getting the stomach, chest and pelvis to be solid. Today I came up with a solution for that which will entail making an internal wooden skeleton for that section that rests and is screwed into the bottom of the pelvis (between the legs). The skeleton will also contact the outsides of the belly region with an internal attachment screw on each side. The legs and arms will be firmly attached with the bungees system.

The C3PO todo list is getting short.

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