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Friday, June 23, 2006

Making a C3PO Nipple

Yes, that's right. Ole C3PO has a nipple ... actually there's 4 of them. They're just a couple of raised places on the chest area. I had some extra plastic epoxy so I used that to form the blobs.

The other project was to countersink a couple of bolts into the outside knee decorative piece (not sure the exact terminology here). After countersinking a hole, I filled it with liquid nails {IT DIDN'T WORK) and glued in the bolts. The next day I laid a layer of plastic resin over that with a small washer to strengthen it. This will be one of two bolts to hold each knee together and will have a bungee cord around the inside before the bolt and washer tighten down the other end.

I had a panic attack tonight looking for the outer set of pistons for the arms. I almost gave up and then spied them in an unlikely place. After putting these on, I'll fix the others to display correctly. It was pointed out to me that I had the pistons on backwards ! How embarassing : )

There's a few decorative arm pieces that need to be epoxied to the arms tomorrow. The long decorative ones sure are angled funny and probably won't glue flush to the arms. That could be a problem. But a problem for tomorrow.

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