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Monday, June 19, 2006

MIG Welder

The best thing about building these robots is learning how to use new tools.

The latest tool that was acquired today is an inexpensive Harbor Freight MIG 120v 90a flux wire feed Welder. With a special price and a 20% coupon, it was a bargain.

When I was in 8th grade I did some welding but had some trouble because it wqas difficult to see out of the mask very well. With advice from one of the B9 club members, I purchased a solar auto darkening mask which works beautifully. Well worth the money. I was actually able to see what I was doing. My first weld tonight consisted of some bolts and angle iron and it worked very well. Plus I lived to tell the story and the house didn't burn down.

On the robot building front, the final pieces for C3PO arrived today. That project will now escalate to the top of the to do list. However my @%#% lawn is also torn up from rototilling so I'm pressured to lay some sod or grass plugs in the next couple of days also. And so I ask myself .... do we really need grass out front?

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