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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

C3PO Legs

Got C3PO standing today but still with no feet yet. That's coming soon. I put his knees together with 10" bungee cord (the thin ones that Lowes and Home Depot carry). A bolt was put into the center of the knee to hold one end of the bungee which then hooked into the top of the thigh. This allows the knee to be bent. The 10" bungee fit perfect with no trimming needed.

The shins were put together with thick pieces of velcro which seems pretty strong. I wasn't up for putting hinges in this area yet. May not be needed.

I also used bungees to hold the arms and pieces of the pvc skeleton together securely. No more PVC accidentally coming loose and an arm falling to the floor.

There's a place in CA that will plate him but I'm looking around locally first to see if I can get it done around here to save shipping him back and forth.

It's another budweiser moment.

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