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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Head-ing for a challenge

Well, my newest C3PO head is a pretty nice fiberglass head but the halo's that I got with it just don't work. One has a lot of bubbles and wouldn't look too good and the other is the wrong size. The wrong sized one looks like it was pieced together at one time because I can see the seam on the top of it. When you lay the head on it, the vents are completely covered about mid-head. So my options are to either create a halo from scratch of fix the one I have by cutting it along the seam and pulling it outward until it matches the diameter of the head. I think that's what I'll end up doing. I'll probably re-make the openened up area in the seam with fiberglass so I have somewhere to mount the antenna.

The head itself is very nice and detailed and will work fine as a costume. Plus it was very reasonably priced so the extra work is worth it.

Bender has a coat of primer and he's down to his scivvies while I bondo the seams and prime the parts. I was off doing other things this weekend so not too much has been done. The door is looking good with a magnetic latch installed and nice seam/edges on the outside of the door. I was able to reinforce the door and make it less flimsy. Plus I was able to get it so it didn't go all the way to the bottom of the torso. There's about a half inch of torso below the door which looks better.

Oh and there's another project ... something I've been wanting to do for awhile. I'm going to make a recycled B9 end table (1:1 scale). More on that later.

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