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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Three gears are better than two

There was some interest in the torso gear and the vex setup from a couple of B9 builders recently. So I got to thinking and started playing around with my torso motor and gears. It turned into another one of those back to the drawing board weekends until I finally came up with a design I was happy with. An all around good learning experience.

If there's movement in the motor or gear mounts when the motor starts or stops then your assembly will eventually vibrate itself apart. My original design had too much movement in the mount with the torque. Sloppy. Andy (the guy who makes these gears for the R2D2 club) also mentioned that both of the small gears should be used. My original design only used one smaller gear. Using both small gears with the big gear may be better. There's a little movement in the assembly but not too bad.

Also the new design is easier to turn off and on, the antenna is mounted securely and the battery can be easily removed for recharging.

Using the Vex setup is like playing with a super erector set.

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