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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Trapped in a home improvement black hole

I now have zero time to even think about working on non home improvement projects (ie robots or creatures).

Recarpeting the entire house has been spawning too many side projects that never seem to end. My garage/workshop is filled with furniture and stuff waiting to go back into the house. Everything is in semi chaos mode still but I finally got my computer back up.

The B9 convention idea is still going strong. There's been a lot of interest from B9 members with offers to help. I appreciate the offers of help and will get back with everyone shortly.

MegaCon is a convention we attended last week in Orlando. It's not likely we'll use that for the B9 convention next year. It was mostly "Anime" (Japanese cartoons?) and very little sci-fi. There were hundreds of people in interesting costumes though. The only MegaCon seminar we attended was a good prop/r2 making presentation. An R2 attended and it was motorized. Another negative mark for MegaCon is the traffic around the convention center in Orlando was totally insane to say the least.

Within a month I should have a ton of new B9 stuff to mess with. Almost enough parts to build a second B9. Don't ask me why. I just follow the obsession where it takes me.

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