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Monday, March 6, 2006

Robot builder or serial killer?

Weird is the only word to describe the scene in my living room. C3PO is on the carpet looking quite distressed while I work on adapting one of the female manniquins to support his armor. I got these mannequins free so I need to make them work. The pelvis (as is) of C3PO won't fit the mannequin so I need to amputate one of the legs and half the posterior of the mannequin. Also the breasts were too big to fit in the torso of C3PO so they also had to go. Is this starting to sound sick or what?

I made sure the garage door was down because I surely don't want any neighbors to see this grisly scene unfold. The rotozip made quick work on the unnecessary body parts. The holes in the chest area looked embarassing so I wrapped it in duct tape ... kind of like a tube top. Time to take a break,

After I figure what to do with all these excess body parts ....

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