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Monday, February 13, 2006

Paper torso

Just a quick note to post a picture of the Bender Torso wrapped in paper. I did this to visualize the proportions. So far I've measured very little and it's all been eyeballed. It looks like the torso size will work. I'll probably apply the styrene skin after I make legs and arms. There's a million things to do on this project yet. Not quite as simple as I originally envisioned. A frame will need to be made to fit in the chest so a door can be fitted.

I got a new 12" miter/angle saw which was what I used to cut the pieces holding the frame together. As with most of my tools, I wondered how I got this far without it. The laser alignment tool on it was a dream. Someday I'm hopefully going to use these tools to build a house so it's a good investment.

On the B9 front, The power pack I got from Bill and Rod needs to be mounted. I need to locate three 1/8" female/female microphone plugs to cement into my torso. On someone's site it details the trick to getting the power pack to fit snug and aligned. Drill the 3 holes a little oversized and then cement them into the torso WITH the power pack attached. When the Epoxy dries, removing/inserting the power pack into the robot should be smooth.

Too cold (and this is Florida) to work much in the garage tonight.

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