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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Prop Robot builders Convention

Well, I've decided to pour my energy into organizing a robot builders convention ... specifically B9 robots but I plan on inviting other robot builders also. There's some guys in the R2 club in Florida that will probably be up for it. So far we have 3 B9's committed, Bender, 1 or 2 C3PO's, a death star droid and a life sized RobotCop (for security). Charlie G. from the B9 club told me he and his wife will drive here from Colorado with their B9 !!!! And I haven't even started to promote this yet. I have a feeling that once the planning starts there will be a lot of interest and it's one of those "be careful what you wish for" scenarios : ) In other words, a lot of work. But that's what makes life interesting and fun.

In 2 weeks we're going to the MegaCon convention in Orlando and I'm going to investigate the possibility of having several robot rooms next year. This area of Florida is perfect for a convention in winter. Our nice weather, beaches and proximity to Orlando are a big draw. I also need to talk to someone who's done this before to find out what's involved in planning something of this magnitude.

So mark your calendars for the Winter 2007 Prop robot builders convention.

On the robot building front, Bender is slowly making progress. The shoulders were finished with spot putty and wet sanding. Then a nice layer of hammered silver transformed it into robot's shoulders. Some additional hammered paint was also applied to the head to give it a smooth consistent look all around.

I had a mental block today trying to decide how to build the Bender torso. Lots of ideas but I kept abandoning them. It's a good thing there's no a hurry in this project. I'll give it another go on Sunday.

Shoulders being prepped and painted

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