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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Creature confessions

OK .... Time to fess up. After all this is confessions of a B9 builder right?

Well I'll admit I've gone completely over the edge this time. And I still haven't got around to letting my wife in on the 'great deal' I got on EBAY last night. After all, aggrevating the wife on Valentines Day is not the key to marital bliss.

I found this large vintage rubber monster costume on EBAY that was rumored to be on one of the "Lost in Space" episodes. Granted, I doubt it was actually on "Lost in Space" but it may have been. Regardless, it's an alien monster that I fell in love with. He's not an ugly mean looking monster but rather a friendly looking alien monster that makes you smile. Not that any of that will matter when she finds out. Plus he's almost 8 foot tall !!! I still need to come up with my standard flimsy answers to all her questions once the topic surfaces ... "where are you going to put it", "what are you going to do with it", "why?", "are you crazy?". The problem is I will agree with her. She's absolutely right ..... but ... as Dave Barry puts it "there's a fine line between "hobby" and mental illness.

This costume needs a complete restoration and I'm pretty sure I can restore it like new. I've been honing my rubber molding techniques and will use that knowledge to replace scales that have fallen off. I also have a lot of liquid spray rubber I bought by accident. So once I find the time, this will be an awesome project. Or at the very least, we could take a quick trip down to the everglades to freak out some tourists : )

He will look great next to the B9 robot or even standing guard and greeting visitors by our front door vestibule. Doesn't it look like he could be in a "Lost in Space" episode? A friendly alien of course.

The newest member of our family.

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