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Monday, December 26, 2005

Holiday robot

It's been awhile since I updated this log because of the mad rush with Christmas and guests. However, last week I managed to completely redo the wiring of the robot. There's still work to do but it's starting to get organized inside the B9. Using the club's tips and techniques article about mounting stuff inside the torso, I epoxied several bolts inside of the torso to hang various electrical boards and wires from.

I was rushing to get B9 in working order to show my father-in-law who was visiting from Michigan with his ladyfriend. He showed up earlier than anticipated so he was able to help in the miscellaneous b9 electrical tasks.

The programming bay was also finished and installed. The to-do list is starting to wind down. This week I also started working on sensors and created an internal enclosure/reflector for lights to illuminate the belly buttons. I used scrap plastic and reflective tape on that project as well as duct tape (as they say ... the handyman's secret weapon) I was initially going to purchase some of these parts but decided to make them myself. I guess I don't have the patience to wait for the vendors in the club Plus it's much more gratifying to make your own parts.

After the robot was put together, we fired him up and turned on the I-B9 software. With the new Remote control torso swivel motor I installed with the I-B9 voice, the robot looks completely realistic. As he talks, he pivits and slowly turns from person to person as he speaks. Looks very cool. All except for the holes in his arms. I'll be so glad to get him a set a claws and wrists some day !! I've been told I should have a set by the first of the year.

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