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Sunday, December 18, 2005

B9 robot doing the twist

I spent most of the day yesterday (except for a few painful hours when the Bucs got stomped by New England) experimenting with making the torso move using the Vex controller and motor (sold by Radio Shack). Several different designs were tried before I settled on the one being currently used.

Here's a video of the motor and robot movement

The design works but the motor / gear assembly seems like it wants to move around and I can hear some noise there. It may be too stressed ... but I'm not sure.

The vex system from radio shack is pretty cool. I will be using the programming module to make the robot look around on his own. The video has me using the remote control that comes with the vex kit. It would be more cool if he moves on his own like he's looking around. The programming kit (additional $99.00) has an easy to use interface to program the controller in easyC or something like that.

I gotta get back to work ...

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