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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween meltdown - NOT

Almost all my lights worked perfectly. Then I decided to hook up the 3 lights on top the brain. Somewhere there was a short and the entire Tom W. controller fried. That's it. So much for having the B9 out on Halloween. I think it was a light bulb socket I had that shorted. Oh well ... there's always next year.

The way the Tom W. directions are written threw me off earlier. The color codes blue/white and white/blue for instance. The solid blue wire means blue/white. I got some of these screwed up earlier and one channel was fried on the controller because I didn't realize the first color in the phrase is the most significant color. It doesn't matter if the second color in the phrase doesn't exist. It was confusing but only one channel was initially fried so I just moved those finger lights to another channel. All the finger lights worked great and most of the brain LED's were ok. That was until the final frying with the lights on top of the brain.

Sigh ...
I go back out and start playing with the dip switches and wiring. Now it works ! Needless to say I'm not going to try to hook the top lights up again until after halloween. It would have been so disappointing to abort B9 Halloween plans.

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