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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Finger lights

I finally got some time to work on the B9 again. Last night I dismanteled the robot electronics and laid it out on the bench. The finger lights and lights on top of the brain need to be added. To do that, I needed to remove everthing from the collar up. The bubble bottom plate slipped and fell at one point but I miraculously caught it as it fell and no permanent damage was done (other than to my furiously pumping heart).

I don't have the correct finger light ends so I made recepticals from rubber network cable ends that were found at radio shack. They fit over the aluminum tubes perfectly. After a little silver paint, they look halfway decent. A B9 purist wouldn't like them but I'm happy with the look for now. The 12v lights I got at radio shack fit perfectly into the cable ends. Using Tom W.'s controller required soldering diodes and shrink wrap the connectors. I can see keeping all these wires neat in the brain and brain cup will be a challenge.

I really enjoyed soldering with an older craftsman soldering iron that was recently found at a flea market for $5.00. Building the robot is such an enjoyable and (sometimes) relaxing hobby. It's nice working with your hands after being on a stupid computer all day.

Putting another coat of paint on the B9 before halloween is also something that needs to be done but my wife has been making plans for this weekend so I may not get much B9 time in. The main focus this weekend is lights and then see how much time is left to attend to the other 45,287 items on the B9 robot to do list.

We're coming into the good Robot building season in Florida. Perfect weather for working in the garage.

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