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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Troublesome droid

After working through a million electronics challenges, I finally got all that straightened out. And then the trouble started.

I decided to experiment with driving him and test the drive system out one last time.  The new front foot I built failed !!!!!!!!!!!!!    Back to complete teardown.   And I'm not even sure I'll have time to fix it.  The stress of the droid on the foot was too much for the foot and I may have to put some ugly welds on the outside of the new ankle piece to strengthen it.  But worse than that there is a minor listing there which makes the droid pull to the left.  And that's not good at all.

I'm helping someone move later this afternoon so my build time is limited but if I have to I'm working til 2 in the morning to get this fixed.  Only a few days left until Celebration.


Jessica said...

Well, if need be at CV Todd has a welder. Lots of luck oh and got your package.

Thank you!

FloridaRobot said...

Thanks Jessica. Droid is operational once again !!! See you in a few days. Jim