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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Electronics problem solved

The electronics problem that was dogging me recently has finally been resolved. It turns out that the Jedi controller and VMUSIC2 module does not play well with modern miniature (motorcycle) amplifiers. The amplifiers cause some type of feedback that fries the mp3 chip that's in the VMUSIC2 module. That's what plays the R2 sounds. I was told the VMUSIC2 module has 3 processors and the best way to tell if the mp3 processor is fried is to use a pair of headphones in the VMUSIC2. If the headphones can hear the sound then the VMUSIC2 module is ok still. If no sound then it's trashed.

I ended up buying 3 amplifiers and 3 VMUSIC2 modules before I got it to work. The successful amplifier was an ancient old school car amplifier (Alpine 3542 60 watts x2) that I heard one of the other guys on the R2 forum used successfully. It was a lucky EBAY find as the one I bought was the only one listed. The down side is the amplifier is quite large so it took a lot of thought and re-arranging inside R2 to get it situated.

While R2 was all torn up I decided to install a new aluminum claw arm in one of the front doors. This took a lot of thought because I had JAG breadpans inside the door and they technically aren't supposed work with with the arms. That is unless you cut a large notch out of the top of the breadpan and build something to hold the arm in place. My solution worked pretty well but will need to be redone when I automate the arm/claw to open the door, reach out and pinch pretty girls.

That's a project for after Celebration V.  Now I have to construct a crate for C3PO that can be lifted with my crane into my truck.  We scored tickets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp this afternoon so C3PO will have to wait until tonight for his crate. 


Calvin Thomas said...

Hey Jim,
Long time no see, I've been real busy with too many projects.
Nice Gripper Arm you have there.
Sorry to hear about your Vmusic not playing nice. I have the same setup in my R2 and it's been working fine.
I hope you get it all working and see you at CV.

FloridaRobot said...

Yeah, I got it all working Calvin.

Now I'm wrestling with programing the jawascript code which isn't at all logical !!!

Look forward to seeing you guys at Celebration. It's coming up soon. See you then,