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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Creature visitation

Last week I was lucky enough to be in California and visit fellow robot builder Brian Clark.  Brian was building his B9 robot about the same time I was building mine.  His sense of humor is great and his home was very interesting.   In addition to having a life size Robby, Brian bought the Creature from me a few years ago.  When I sold him the creature I warned him that in the next few years I might be stopping by to check on the creature's welfare.  And I was glad to see that the creature looked happy and was adapting well to the laid back California life style.

All in all it was an interesting trip on the west coast.   My first day back I got the bus stop robots back together again and back out on the porch.  R2 was also worked on somewhat and hopefully will be rolling around again soon.  While driving on the outskirts of San Francisco I passed a place that had some giant steel giraffes out front.  More abstract than the one I'm building but still pretty cool.  Made me want to get back and get mine finished.  Hopefully that project should soon be getting back on track.

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