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Thursday, April 22, 2010

At last an electric car with solar panels

Not robot related but I'm very stoked about reserving a new Nissan Leaf electric car.  It's perfect for my wife and I with it's 100 mile range.  For longer trips we'll use my truck but this is one cool car.  The model I reserved has solar panel fins on the back of the car for taking advantage of our sunny Florida weather.  At this stage it's not a perfect electric solution (pretty close though) but it looks like Nissan is committed to constantly improving this technology.

To understand why I'm so enthusiastic about owning an electric car you can rent the movie "Who killed the electric car" to see the passion those who owned (leased) a General Motors EV1 completely electric car.  Rent the movie from netflix for an interesting insight on electric car ownership. 

Unfortunately it will be at least six months before delivery of the Nissan Leaf .  After tax rebate it's around 25,500 for the low end model and 27,500 for the upgraded version with the solar panels.  Leasing is also available with $1900 down (approximately) and around $349.00 a month for 3 years.

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