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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The mad robot butcher strikes again

Some days it's better to just find a quiet area, curl up, and read a good book.

Much safer than being in the garage with crazy power tools. Crazy power tools that are too easy to power up and get carried away. Let's just say the poor battle droid was chopped and hacked mercilessly this weekend. Unfortunately, no matter what direction I took, the plan kept degrading worse and worse. So I'm putting the battle droid aside for awhile.

It's funny how some days nothing seems to go according to plan and other days it all just clicks.

Is it just my imagination or does that giraffe have a bit of a nervous look about it?


Jawa Jaka said...

I hear ya! I spent all day Sat. trying to get AL's wheels on only to find out they didn't fit. He's now in more pieces than before! I've got until mid-March to get him rolling for the Robotics Championships in Omaha (AL was invited).

Jim Quinlan said...

Good luck getting your droid (Al) rolling for the robotics championship. Sometimes you need a little pressure to get er done !