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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Giving the Battle Droid a nose job

One of the reasons I backed off on the battle droid project was I wasn't happy with the face. His nose was way too fat and one side was bigger than the other.

So tonight I was aching for an excuse to use the plasma cutter. In a matter of minutes I gave the battle droid a nose job. And I have to say it came out pretty good. It looks a lot more natural. After cutting away the excess material, I pounded the sides to bring them in a little. By doing that, large cracks developed where I had welded the middle of the face. The metal was pretty thin there. I was going to use oxy/acetelene and a lot of filler rod to fill in those areas. But instead I decided to be brave and try to fill those good size cracks with the mig welder. At first I had the temp dialed up a little high and that only made the cracks bigger.

I'm glad I tried one more try at the lowest setting on the welder. After about ten minutes I completely filled all the holes and cracks. Even though it looked like hell, the steel was solid. The handy dandy grinder took care of that.

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