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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rear Door ... DONE

After a million ideas and a few lame attempts, My rear skins are (finally) completely mounted in a way to allow easy removal and access to the electronics. It was gnawing away in my mind for quite some time so I'm glad that it's finally completed and solid. Unfortunately my camera broke and won't be back from repair for a few weeks. When I get it back I'll document how I did the internal electronics panels and doors in my R2. It's important to be able to easily access those parts if you're out in public and an issue surfaces.

So now only one big project remains. Covering the chunks of missing fiberglass motor access area in the two rear feet. I'm still not sure how that's going to happen but there's a few ideas sprouting. And after that's complete I'll have spare time on my hands to work with the genius JEDI controllers that are being manufactured by Scott Gray. I'm looking forward to programming the controllers to go into atomatic mode where R2 stands there and looks at people with his dome going back and forth while randomly chirping. Plus it would be nice to have the Dome follow people using PIR Sensors. A little over my head in expertise but definitely learnable.

One of the builders wrote something interesting on the forum the other day. He admitted all the mistakes he made in all his "experiments" but he also said he wouldn't have it any other way. That's what makes the droid building fun and gives you a unique droid. Even though I bought most of my parts, I could relate to that as I have some areas on my droid that are unique and not at all like other droids.

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