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Friday, August 7, 2009

R2 Progress and the new project

Completely tore down R2 this week and cut out squares in the skins to accomodate the new power couplers. Also removed dome bumps from dome and drilled out holes to insert the bumps in correctly. The fix to the bumps will work out fine with no visible "scars" to the dome. Vents are being prepared for correct blue paint and remounting to the skins. The mounting screws I had for the coin slots were cut off and cleaned up. Now I will permanently attach the coin slots with epoxy. Will look better and be more efficient. If I need to repaint the skins, I'll just mask the coin slots.

Since our vacation, I can't stop thinking about a very cool art gallery we went to that had giant metal sculptures. The sculptures were of animals and we fell in love with a couple of them. Especially the giant giraffe. So for the last couple weeks I've been thinking how I could create my own sculptures. First I needed to learn to weld and in the past all my welding attempts have been pathetic. So after a few more pathetic attempts I got on the phone with my friend Brad and picked up a couple excellent tips. Sure enough, I was doing it all wrong and now my welds are strong and effective. Now all I need to do is to pick up a few more metal working tools and I'll be on my way. I'm out of room in the house for robots but there is a bit of room in the yard for a couple robots that can handle the weather. We'll see what develops in the next 6 months and if I can convince my wife .... another challenge.

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